I work primarily with IT strategy and transformation and a big part of my role is to actually Select and Buy software. I also spend a lot of time understanding the trends, trying new software to learn where I should take digitalisation within my org.

In the last few years, I’ve seen Software Companies invest in branding and sales in ways that are irritating and push me away as a potential customer rather than bringing me closer. I’ve also seen some amazing and brave stuff.

Here’s what I seek in a…

The recent buzz around using conversational Agents or Bots, made me write about the implications and potential use-cases for Business Tech.

Bots are now past hype phase, gaining some serious momentum. A few examples are Slack’s bot ecosystem, Facebook’s Messenger API announcement, Amazon Alexa, x.ai (great interview here) , Siri, Cortana, Watson, etc.

Bots, and the tech that enables them, are rendering use cases that are valuable, long lasting, order of magnitude improvement to the user experience. The type of use cases that moves the web x.0 counter forward.


Applying the same Data Science principles that are disrupting end Business to Consumer applications, Business System providers will soon change how companies operate.

Tiny Recap of Data Science applied to B2C

Amazon was one of the first companies to use data science to provide recommendations to its users. Simply put, they:

  1. Collect data about which books you see and/or buy and create a taste profile.
  2. Find other people with similar taste profiles and find which books they like which you havent seen.
  3. Suggest you the same books as your soul mates, use that data to sort results by relevance to you, etc.

This simple pattern was obviously very…

Things are warming up for some massive changes. The next 10 years will be exponentially more innovative because it is the first time in history that there is a level of comfort and commoditization in computing, in so many dimensions at the same time. This allows innovation to occur on a different order of magnitude. Here are some facts:

Data is the new design. I remember when designers had to sell the goodness of user centricity. Soon after, design became a tool for innovation and differentiation. Data is also now clearly on that second stage.

Computing is a utility. I…

When I started off as a consultant I came across a really good piece of advice:

collect data about everything, all the time

I took it one step further and made a habit out of it. I started doing lists of things and looking back frequently, searching for patterns. To transform this data into insights and actions.

One of my datasets was a collection of good advice and practices for IT professionals. Some are deep, some are trivial but I think all of them are incredibly useful.

As the list grew I started to share it with my teams, for…

Pietro Casella

Chief Architect at EQT's digital team. Spotify, KPMG, Accenture alumni. I write about about Business, Engineering and Innovation. Views are my own.

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